The inagural Ambassador Cohort may take place digitally, based on best practices and data in Spring 2021

The Volunteer State Seal of Biliteracy Ambassador Program is a one-year program designed to support exceptional biliterate graduates as they leave high school to enter college and career and to promote the Seal of Biliteracy award program throughout the Tennessee. 


The ambassador program is designed to provide participants with the knowledge and skills they need to become effective leaders and advocates in their communities, as well as to provide opportunities to engage in a variety of advocacy work and networking opportunities throughout the state.   Ambassadors are selected through a competitive process and applicants must be able to meet all expectations of the year-long program to be considered.  

Volunteer State Seal of Biliteracy Ambassadors serve as advocates for the 21st century workforce skill of biliteracy by acting as examples of exceptional academic and personal accomplishments in their communities.


Ambassadors are trained during a two-day convening in Nashville to effectively share their story, advocate for positive change, and design an Impact Project to implement during the year.  All ambassadors accepted to the program will have housing, food, and transportation within Nashville provided during the two-day workshop.   


Ambassadors will have opportunities throughout the year to use the skills and abilities they learn during our training in real-world contexts, including, but not limited to, meeting with state legislators, presenting at community high schools, and speaking at a variety of events.  Ambassadors will also receive year-long mentorship and support for their Impact Project.  


Ambassador Program

The Ambassador Program is an opportunity that is available to all recipients from schools & districts that collaborate with the Volunteer State Seal of Biliteracy

2-Day training in Nashville (All housing, food, and transportation in Nashville is paid by the Volunteer State Seal of Biliteracy)

Training in leadership, communication, and advocacy skills

Webinars and Phone Support for Impact Project

Opportunities to speak, present, and attend advocacy and educational events throughout the year

Training to share and advocate for the Seal of Biliteracy in their home community